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Imagine being able to stop smoking in just a few hours, even if you have smoked many packs each day for years…

If you have thought about stopping smoking you may have wondered –

“Can I stop smoking after doing it for so many years?”

“Is there something better to help me quit smoking then patches or gum?”

“I’ve quit before, but always start again. Is there something that can help me stop permanently?”

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You know smoking is bad for you and you have probably thought about stopping smoking many times. Maybe you have even tried to stop, but it was just too difficult, and you started again. When you try to stop smoking, you have to fight the chemical addiction to nicotine and all the chemicals added to cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, but you also have to fight the physical habit of smoking. Gums, patches, and pills may help you overcome you the chemical addiction, but they do nothing to help you break the habit that you have physically developed over the years.


Stopping smoking for good, without suffering through the symptoms of withdrawal

Going through each day, without having to wage a constant battle against lighting a cigarette

Feeling healthier and more in control of your life and enjoying positive change

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Stop smoking hypnosis is so effective because it deals with both the chemical addiction of smoking and the physical addiction that you have probably spent years developing. Odds are you smoke at generally the same times every day. You probably reach for a cigarette to deal with stressful events and maybe even when you’re bored. You have trained your mind to expect cigarettes and nicotine at regular, and maybe even scheduled times during the day, and at times of heightened stress or anxiety. Your mind has come to anticipate the infusion of nicotine and chemicals during these times, and it drives you to smoke, even when you consciously don’t want to.

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How to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis in NYC New York Queens Long Island or Online

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You see, your addiction is driven by the subconscious mind. This is the area of the mind that pills, patches, and willpower can not reach. Your subconscious mind has been storing every event, situation, thought, and feeling that you have experienced throughout your entire life. It then uses these experiences to influence how you think, feel, and behave today. So even if you consciously tell yourself you are not going to smoke, your subconscious mind continues to push you to light up. Your NYC stop smoking hypnotist is able to reach deep into the subconscious and create real, effective, and powerful positive change that will allow you to quit smoking, for good.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary

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Stop smoking hypnosis works quickly to stop your addictions to cigarettes. It is completely natural and feels much like how you feel when you are lost in thought, or lose track of time while watching a movie or reading a book. Stop Smoking hypnotherapy promotes positive change by reaching into the part of the mind that influences you to continue to smoke even when you don’t want to. Hypnosis is completely safe and generally only two hypnosis sessions for you to be completely free from your addiction so you can stop smoking for good.

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